So I took a little break…..

Life happens when we breath, if we take a pause we can actually see it happen:)

 Sometimes, I can get overwhelmed with life… and moving to Washington took a little time to adjust to my new roots.  So I took a break from a lot of things, which included this blog for a bit.  But, it was what I needed and it made me excited about posting some new things!  But first, here are a few highlights of what has been happening!

up 1

My girls.  They are such eclectic dressers.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!

up 2

up 3

Samantha got breakfast in bed!

up 4

Madeline graduated from Kindergarden!

up 30

I was invited to speak at BYU’s Women’s Conference ( at the concert, specifically).  Here I am hanging out with these lovely ladies backstage!

 up 27

Samantha got a haircut!

up 6

And we bought a house!!!!  With a big yard.  A BIG yard.  We are so so excited!

up 29

Samantha is done with preschool!  So crazy!!!

up 8

Madeline participating in her school’s parade.

up 10

Now, you can’t…

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